August 2015


 Flying Stars & Symbolic Stars for Wood Monkey month, August 2015

Let’s begin this monthly forecast by taking a look at the symbolic stars of BaZi first.

Monkey is the Academic Star to yang Fire (-bǐng) and yang Earth ( – wù) day masters who may find studying or learning new subjects easier during this month.

Monkey brings the Nobleman Star to yin Wood ( – yǐ) and yin Earth ( – jǐ). You might just get all the help and support you need, most unexpectedly if have these two stems in your day or year pillar.

Monkey is also a Sky Horse or Travel Star for Tiger (– yín), Horse (– wǔ) and Dog ( – xū). If you have one or more of these three branches in your day or year pillar, you are more likely to spend considerable time travelling this month.

Peach Blossom Star is brought to those born on the day or year of the Rooster ( – yǒu) in August. This is the time Roosters may become more sociable and perhaps more in the limelight.

Now, let’s take a look at monthly flying stars of Monkey month 2015 and pinpoint the sectors that might need special attention this month.Flying star chart August 2015

The black numbers in Lo-Shu square are the annual Flying Stars and the pink ones show the monthly stars. In this article, we’ll be only looking at the interaction of these year and month stars and for a more complete Flying Star evaluation basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart have to be taken into consideration.

Please do remember that it can be vital to take the time for monthly flying stars updates at the beginning of each month, especially when  combination of negative stars effect the most important areas of your home and/or work space. It may only take a few minutes to check and yet this could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Before we start all the cures of the previous Goat month should be removed.

South-west Sector:

Yellow 5 is flying to the south and supported by annual 9 could make it potentially more dangerous. It should be cured with an all metal wind-chime, other metal cures or salt water if this sector is in an important room or entrance door. One should be even more careful if water or mountain stars of the natal chart are 9 or 5, depending on the function of the room.

North-east Sector:

If your bedroom or any other important area of your living or work space is in this sector, please use 6-coins cure all through the month.

South Sector:

There is no harm in using a bright red object to cure the angry visiting star Jade 3 if a much used room with an important function is in this sector.

South-east Sector:

It will be a good idea to use bamboo-in-water cure here to drain the back stabbing, scandal star Red 7, unless this sector is occupied by storage area or bathrooms.

Good luck and best wishes for all your projects for the wood Monkey month.