August 2016


Flying Stars Update August 2016, Fire Monkey Month

Flying stars fire Monkey month, August 2016.

Well, here it is; Fire Monkey is coming alive, doubled year and monthstem and branch. It could hardly be stronger than this. Having said that, watch out for the Monkey days, the triple whammy. Monkey days this month are: 18 August (Water Monkey) and 30 August (Wood Monkey). And while you are at it why not include the monkey hour? That will be 15.00-17.00 hours everyday if where you live is not observing DST, Daylight Saving Time.

Regarding Flying stars update, we’ll only be looking at the interaction of the annual and the month stars and for a more comprehensive Flying Star evaluation it is essential that both basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart are taken into consideration. The black numbers in the Lo-Shu square are the annual Flying Stars; the red ones show the monthly stars.

Before we begin, please remove all the specific remedies for the previous Goat month if you installed any, leaving the yearly cures where they are.

Tai Qi sector

If there is only one area we should pay attention this month that is the Tai-Qi sector. The month star Yellow 5 flies into the Tai-Qi and joins the annual star Black 2.

The presence of 5 and 2 together is double trouble and if you have rooms with major functions in the central location, all necessary precautions should be taken to avoid likely annoyances. That could mean, adding an all metal wind chime or salt water cure, making sure the area is quiet, decorating with neutral colours and avoiding bright reds and purples in interior design.

South-West Sector

This sector can be problematic as well. In South-west sector, annual star White 8 will be joined by monthly star Black 2 that can trigger health problems if the bedroom is in this location, for example. Please make sure the monthly cure, 6-metal coins tied with a ribbon for Black 2 is in place.

North-East sector

In North-east section, monthly prosperity star White 8 flies in with the annual Yellow 5. Some say this could diminish the harmful effects of Yellow 5, as it will be assisting 8. In my experience though, 5 Yellow is a 5 Yellow and it should always be cured even if you have a prosperous water star, for example in a main entrance area. The best way of dealing with Yellow 5 is installing an all metal wind-chime and second best option is salt water cure when wind-chimes are impracticle.

East sector

This is the best looking area all through the month of Fire Monkey. Angry month star Jade 3 will be neutralised by annual fire star Purple 9.

West Sector

Scandal star Red 7 should be remedied with a bamboo installation if this is an area or part of a room with a vital function.

I’d like to mention again that influences of the annual and monthly stars should be analysed based on the active flying stars of the Flying Star Chart.

Good luck with the Feng Shui preparations for Fire Monkey month. Flying Star Chart for Rooster month (September) will be published on about 1 September.