December 2015


Flying Stars for Earth Rat month, December 2015


As usual, we’ll only be looking at the interaction of the annual and themonth stars in this post and for a more comprehensive Flying Star evaluation it is essential that both basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart  have to be taken into consideration. The black numbers in the Lo-Shu square are the annual Flying Stars; the red ones show the monthly stars.

Before we start, all the specific cures of the previous Pig month should be removed if you have any.

I will list below the sections of your living or work space requiring attention during the Earth Rat month.

North-West sector:
This could be the most tricky area potentially during the Rat month if you have your entrance door, living room or reception, meeting room at your work. Since the annual star 4 could kick-start the Yellow 5, the situatian can be rather serious. Yellow 5 can be drained and its ill effects somehow controlled by using the Metal element. The most efficient remedy for this purpose is an all metal wind-chime. In places where a wind-chime is not suitable, salt water remedy can be used instead.

All objects representing the Fire element should be removed from the area as Fire will activate and increase the impact of Yellow 5 .

East Sector:
Sickness star Black 2 flies to the east this month. If your bedroom, living room or entrance door is located in the South sector it is a good idea to counteract this negative energy by useing 6-coins .

South-East sector:
Angry star 3-Jade is in south-east all through the Rat month and it will have a negative effect on the annual Black star 2 by encouraging it. If  you have your bedroom in south-east, it is recommended to double up the remedies for Black star 2, instead of trying to pacify Jade 3 by using fire remedies.

North-East sector:

Depending on the original water or mountain stars of this sector and the function of the room, north-east sector might need attention. I recommend using bamboo in water or fresh flowers in a clear glass vase here to drain the red metal star 7.

North sector: looks promising this month with the annual 8 and monthly star 9. If you have your entrance door in this sector with a prosperous water star, the Rat month can be a month of celebration and good fortune indeed.

Now, let’s take a look at the symbolic stars of BaZi:

Rat is the Nobleman star for people born on the day and year stems yin wood (乙 – yǐ) and yin earth (己 – jǐ). It is most likely that Nobleman will appear as support from employees to yin wood, and as friends to yin earth.

To people born with yin metal (辛 – xīn) day or  year stems, Rat month will appear as an Academic star. During this time difficult subjects to study could be somehow easier to understand.

Rat month is bringing the Flower of Romance to Pig (亥 – hài), Rabbit (卯 – mǎo) and Goat (未 – wèi). If you have any of these three branches in your day or year pillar, you might notice your likebility increasing during this month.

However, if you have Rabbit (卯 – mǎo) in your day or year pillar, I’d suggest wearing an Ox (丑 – chǒu) charm to protect yourself from Rat-Rabbit penalty. This penalty can come in many forms, including health concerns, and can be rather annoying. It is well worth taking all possible precautions.

I wish you the best of luck all through the Earth Rat month.