January 2016


Flying Stars Update for January 2016, Earth Ox month


This Ox month, we have a special Flying Star chart as the annual and monthly stars double up. So each Lo-Shu square has two identical numbers. Actually this is something that occurs every year once or twice as there are 12 months and only 9 stars. For example, the last time we had the monthly stars doubling up the year star was in April 2015.

If the Water or Mountain star is Yellow 5 in west sector – you will have a third star coming together in the same place.  Together with the year star in the same sector, now Yellow 5 is tripled up.

We musn’t forget the day stars; every 9 days there will be a fourth Yellow 5 visiting the very same west sector. Usually the day stars by themselves are not powerful enough to make an impact. However when the day star forms a cluster of three or even four Yellow 5’s the effect can be more powerful than usual. Of course, it is the same with the cluster of four Prosperity star 8s in north sector that presents an incredible opportunity. So, even if you do not usually update your Feng Shui monthly, this could be the time to do so and implement remedies and enhancements in appropriate areas.

I have to mention that we’ll only be looking at the interaction of the annual and the month stars for this January update of Flying Stars. For a more comprehensive Flying Star evaluation it is essential that both basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart are taken into consideration. The black numbers in the Lo-Shu square are the annual Flying Stars; the red ones show the monthly stars.

Please remove all the specific remedies for the previous Rat month if you had any.

Let’s start with the most promising areas this month. It is important to activate the auspicious stars when it is appropriate for the purpose of diminishing the ill effects of inauspicious ones. Just like all shadows and darkness disappear when the sun shines…

North Sector:

This is potentially the best area with two prosperity star White 8s gathering there. If you have your main entrance door or another active room in north sector along with a supporting Water star, you may try to use enhancements even if you haven’t activated the area for the annual 8 yet. Supporting Water stars are: 8, 1, 3 and 4, while White star 6 is more neutral. With Water stars 2, 5 and 7, the area is best not activated.

South-west Sector:

Future prosperity star Purple 9 flies to the south-west sector this month. If you have a room with an important function or the main entrance door in this sector, it is a good idea to activate it if you haven’t done so yet. Water star 8 is best and if you have Water star 2, 5 and 7 in South sector of your home or work place, please avoid enhancements. Supporting Water stars are: 1, 3 and 4, while White star 6 is more neutral.

East Sector:

As we slowly approach 2023, the impact of White star 1 is gaining momentum. It is definitely worth activating this sector with a cluster of White star 1, if the functions of the room and Water-Mountain stars in this sector are appropriate.

The sections requiring careful attention during the Earth Ox month are:

West Sector:

If you have this section activated by having a living room or meeting room at work, stairs or a court yard in this area, please use the appropriate remedies. There will be at least two Yellow 5 stars in this sector all through the month. Yellow 5 can be drained by using the Metal element. However the most efficient remedy for this purpose is an all-metal wind-chime. In places where a wind-chime is not suitable, a salt water remedy can be used instead.

All objects representing the Fire element should be removed from the area as Fire will activate and increase the impact of Yellow 5.

South-east sector:

Cluster of Black 2 stars are flying to south-west. If your bedroom, living room or entrance door is located in this sector it is highly recommended to counteract this negative energy by using 6-coins .

Metal element in all its representations can help as well, as Black 2 is an Earth star. The Water element can also be useful to drain Earth. If you are using actual water for this purpose, it needs to be still water.

Tai Qi Sector:

Triple 3-Jade stars will be in the middle, Ta Qi sector all through the Ox month. If the active Mountain or Water stars of this sector are encouraging this negative combination, it is best to use Fire element as remedy, such as a red decorative object or lamps and candles, whenever these stars affect a room with an important function.

South Sector:

I recommend using bamboo in water or fresh flowers in a clear glass vase here to drain the group of Red 7, unless this sector is occupied by storage area or bathrooms. Depending on the original water or mountain stars of this sector and the function of the room, south sector might need attention this month. For example, if the active Water or Mountain stars are Earth, such as 2 and 5 supporting the cluster of 7s, a remedy is highly recommended along with the remedies for the Earth stars.


Best of luck to you all for the last month of the year of Goat.