November 2015


Flying Stars & Symbolic Stars

Update for Fire Pig Month 2015Flying star chart November 2015.

As this is meant to be a quick and easy update of Flying Stars for the month, I will only mention the areas that could possibly need attention.

Tai Qi Sector:

Yellow 5 will be in the centre together with annual Jade 3 star. You might have to deal with Yellow 5  if this is an active area such as entrance hall or a room with an important function. Of course this also depends on the active stars of the natal chart as well.

For example, if you have a bedroom in Tai Qi of your home with mountain stars (sitting stars) Black2, Jade3 or Yellow5, it is highly recommended to take precautions. Yellow 5 can be drained and brought back to balance by using the Metal element, such as using an all metal wind-chime . When it is rather impractical to hang an all metal wind-chime, one could use the salt water cure since it will be in use for the duration of only one month.

South-west sector:

Sickness star Black 2 can be potentially problematic if it is in an active area of the home or work space with actively supporting natal water stars such as 9, 2 and 5.

A set of 6-coins would be recommended in this case.

East sector:

A bright red or other fire coloured object such as purple or fuchia might simply do the job, if east sector is an important area of your home/work place.

In terms of Symbolic Stars of BaZi, Four Pillars of Destiny, the new month may bring good news to some lucky signs.

Pig is the Academic Star to yang Metal (庚 – gēng ) day masters who may find studying or learning new subjects easier during November month.

Pig also brings the Nobleman Star to yang Fire (丙-bǐng) and yin Fire (丁- dīng). You might just get the help and support you need during this month, most unexpectedly if have these two stems in your day or year pillar.

Peach Blossom Star is brought to those born on the day or year of the Rat (子- zǐ). This is indeed the time people born in the year and/or the day of Rat may feel more sociable and notice their popularity increasing in general.

Pig is one the four Sky Horse Stars as well, the other three being Snake, Tiger, and Monkey. Snakes (巳 – sì), Roosters (酉 – yǒu) and Oxes ( – chǒu) might travel more than usual this month, move house or perhaps even relocate for work. This will be a stronger trend if you have one or more of the four Sky Horse stars in your natal chart or current luck pillar.

May the Fire Pig be kind to you and most importantly have fun.stampweb