October 2015


Flying Stars for October 2015, Fire Dog month


Just for those of you who don’t have much time, Id like to givea short list here for quick and easy adjustment of the monthly flying star remedies. For a more comprehensive Flying Star evaluation though, basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart also have to be taken into consideration.

The black numbers seen in the Lo-Shu chart above right are the annual Flying Stars; the red ones show the monthly stars. In this article, we’ll be mainly looking at the interaction of annual and monthly stars.

If there is only one single update should you do this month, it could be in the south-east sector. The cluster of 2 and 5, both negative stars, potentially spells danger if you have your entrance door or another important room in south-east sector this month. Please use the appropriate remedy to minimise misfortune.

Another area that might need attention this month is the north sector as the sickness star Black 2 flies to the north. Even though timely and auspicious annual star 8 is present here, it might just not be enough to mitigate the ill effects of Black Star 2. I suggest using 6-coins as a remedy only if south sector of your home or work place is in an important area.

Best of luck and good fortune.