October 2016


Flying Stars Update October 2016, Earth Dog Month

Flying Star chart Oct. 2016

Here is your quick and easy monthly update. The new month of Earth Dog begins on 8 October, so you’ve still got some time.

Tai-Qi Sector, 2-3

If this sector covers an important room and you already have a remedy for the annual Black 2, you could leave this sector as it is.

North-west Sector, 3-4

If you already remedied this sector with red/purple accessories or a bright lamp, you could leave the area as it is. Of course if the sector covers bath room or storage area, no remedy will be needed.

West Sector, 4-5

Yellow 5, the Calamity star flies to the centre in May. The presence of Wood star 4 in the same sector forms an unfortunate combination as 4 kick starts Yellow 5. If you happen to have a room with an important function in Tai-Qi sector this month, please use an all metal wind-chime.or salt water remedy, placed anywhere in the sector.

North-east Sector, 5-6

Here the effect of Yellow 5 year star is weakened by the month star White 6 and that is good news. The area could be left alone as it is.

South Sector, 6-7

The cluster of metal stars may need some attention if the sector covers an important room or entrance door. In this case, it would be a good idea to use 3-4 stalks of fresh bamboo in water, placed in a clear glass vase.

North Sector, 7-8

Even though Earth star 8 is the current prosperity star, when it comes together with scandal star 7, it only enhances this negative star and the impact could perhaps be modified.

South-west Sector, 8-9

This is the most promising sector in the Snake month if it is coupled with a good water star of the natal chart. 8 and 9 pair is called “Happiness and Celebration” in 81 Flying Star Combinations and it is very auspicious.

East Sector, 9-1

Month star 1 activates the annual 9 Purple and this is a good combination. It could even be activated if the sector covers an area with a vital function and Water stars of the natal chart support this combination. With Water stars 2, 5 and 7, the area is best not activated.

In 81 Star Combinations, 9 and 1 together may suggest problems with the eyes. Of course this will depend on which water or mountain stars are in the natal chart of the sector and the function of the room. For example, in a bedroom this combination coupled with a negative mountain star and the personal Gua number appearing as the water or mountain star may trigger the eye trouble. Please take the necessary precautions if this is the case.


South-east Sector, 1-2

Sickness star Black 2 flies to the south-east this month. If your bedroom, living room or entrance door is located in this area, it is a good idea to use 6-coins just during Earth Dog month.

Good luck to you all during this fabulous month.   stampweb