September 2015


Flying Stars & Symbolic Stars for Wood Rooster month,

Flying stars Wood Rooster month 2015.September 2015

The black numbers seen in the Lo-Shu chart above right are the annual Flying Stars; the red ones show the monthly stars. In this article, we’ll only be looking at the interaction of annual and monthly stars. Just for those of you who don’t have much time, I’d like to give a short list here for quick and easy adjustment of the monthly flying star remedies. For a more comprehensive Flying Star evaluation though, basic Water and Mountain stars of the chart also have to be taken into consideration.

North Sector, 8-3

The month star Jade-3 kick starts the timely star White- 8 and activating it. If there are timely water stars in this location such as 8, 9 and 1, and if this is an active area of a home or business premises, you could use enhancements to make the best use of this golden opportunity.

South-west Sector, 9-4

This is yet another good sector in September. If you have your main entrance door or another active room in south-west sector along with a supporting Water star, you may try to use enhancements even if you haven’t activated the area for the annual 9 yet. With Water stars 2, 5 and 7, the area is best not activated.

East Sector, 1-5

It is recommended to use a remedy for the monthly star Yellow 5 in east sector if this is an active or an important room. Yellow 5 can be drained and brought back to balance by using the Metal element, such as using an all metal wind-chime. When it is rather impractical to hang an all metal wind-chime, one could use the salt water cure since it will be in use for the duration of only one month.

All objects representing the Fire element should be removed from the area as Fire will activate and increase the impact of Yellow 5.

South-east Sector, 2-6

If this sector covers an important room and you already have a remedy for the annual Black 2, you could leave this sector as it is.

Tai-Qi Sector, 3-7

I recommend using bamboo in water or fresh flowers in a clear glass vase here to drain the dated scandal star Red-7, unless this sector is occupied by storage area or bathrooms. Let’s not forget the presence of annual star 3 in Tai-Qi sector as well. Depending on the original water or mountain stars of this sector and the function of the room, you might need to deal with both inauspicious stars; 3 and 7.  So, you might need a red object for 3 and bamboos or flowers to balance the scandal star 7, each requiring their individual cure during the wood Rooster month.



North-west Sector, 4-8

The prosperity star White-8 flies to north-west sector this month. You could go ahead activating this sector if your entrance door or an important room is in north-west. It is important to check first the natal water stars, though.

West Sector, 5-9

Even though Purple 9 is a timely star when it is together with Yellow 5, it becomes potentially dangerous. If you already have a remedy for annual Yellow 5 in this sector, you could leave it as it is and make sure there are no objects representing the Fire element in this sector that could activate the year star Yellow 5.

North-east Sector, 6-1

The combination of 6-1 is associated with academic success. If you have this auspicious combination in your children’s rooms this month, you could activate their academic luck by placing a pagoda figure in their Academic star location, derived from their BaZi.

South Sector, 7-2

Sickness star Black 2 flies to the south this month. If your bedroom, living room or entrance door is located in the south sector it is a good idea to use 6-coins.


In terms of Symbolic Stars of BaZi, Four Pillars of Destiny, the new month will bring good news to some lucky signs.

Rooster is the Academic Star to yin Fire (丁 dīng) and yin Earth(己 jǐ) day masters who may find studying or learning new subjects easier during the September month.

Rooster brings the Nobleman Star to yang Fire (丙-bǐng) and yin Fire (丁dīng).You will get the help and support you need, most unexpectedly if have these two stems in your day or year pillar.

Rooster is also Flower of Romance for those born on the day or the year of Monkey (申– shēn), Rat (子– zǐ)and Dragon (辰– chén).

Peach Blossom Star is brought to those born on the day or year of the Horse (午– wǔ) this month. This is the time Horse may feel more sociable and popular in general.

Good luck to all…