September 2016


 Flying Stars Update for Fire Rooster month, September 2016


Flying star chart for September 2016, Fire Rooster month.

As this is meant to be a quick and easy update of Flying Stars for the month, I will only mention the areas that could possibly need attention.

North-west sector:

Yellow 5 will be in north-west together with annual Jade 3 star. Depending on the active water star in if this is an active or an important room. Yellow 5 can be drained and brought back to balance by using the Metal element, such as using an all metal wind-chime. When it is rather impractical to hang an all metal wind-chime, one could use the salt water cure since it will be in use for the duration of only one month.

East sector:

Sickness star Black 2 can be potentially problematic if it is in an active area of the home or work space with actively supporting natal water stars such as 9, 2 and 5.

A set of 6-coins would be recommended in this case.

South-east sector:

Jade star 3 that is associated with anger and arguements is flying to south-east sector this month. It will be a good idea to use a remedy here.  A bright red or other fire coloured object such as purple or fuchia might simply do the job, if east sector is an important area of your home/work place.

North-east sector:

Red star 7 is in north east all through Fire Rooster month. It might be necessary to use the bamboo cure here depending on your floor plan. If the entrance door, the living room or another room with an important function is in this sector, please use 3-4 fresh tall bamboo stalks in a clear glass vase. Actually, if you are doing monthly updates regularly, you only have to move your bamboo cure to the north-east sector.

Good luck to all.