Ayşe Nilgün Kaya is a professional Feng Shui consultant, available for domestic and corporate audits in the UK and most parts of Europe, including Turkey.

Services include:

    • Consultations for homes and businesses, presented with a written report and floor plans showing the precise placements of cures and enhancements. Kua numbers, favourable elements and lucky colours of all the household members are included.
    • Advice on selection of new premises.
    • Selection of auspicious dates for moving homes and businesses, important meetings, interviews, weddings, etc.
    • Guidance on purchasing furniture, textiles and accessories to improve the Feng Shui characteristics of interiors.
    • Space clearing ceremonies, performed on an auspicious date selected on the basis of the building and person’s destiny chart.
    • Working with estate agents with difficult to sell properties or simply for a quick and easy sale.
    • Tuition for groups and individuals.

Consultations are always tailored to meet specific needs. Fees are assessed according to the size of the property, and a quote can be given over the phone.

Services are offered free of charge to hospices and charities.

The information on this site is intended to provide an introduction to the principles of the Classical Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, both Form School and Flying Stars and to explain the benefits that can be derived from the application of those principles in both domestic and business environments targetted to improve the quality of life.