Colours & Feng Shui


warm and cool colours to enhance ChiHow to Use Colours to Enhance Feng Shui

The use of colour in Feng Shui is a fascinating subject. As a general rule in interior design one mainly uses neutral colours for larger areas. Strong colours are only used as accent colours in much smaller proportions. This rule also applies in Feng Shui. But here the accent colours become “cures”, particularly when applying the methods of Flying Stars.

Colour can also be used to bring balance to interiors. For example, a north facing study in a cold climate can benefit from the use of yellows and oranges as wall colours. If the right shade of yellow is used, the warmth of the colour will balance the coldness and make the room appear as if lit by sunlight.

In terms of the practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, when there are specific problems such as an active Water star 3, the use of Fire colours (orange/red) will be very beneficial as an antidote. In this example, Nr. 3 is a Wood star associated with anger and conflicts. In the Constructive cycle of the Five Elements, Fire drains Wood, and so introducing the colours representing Fire will help to cure the problem.

Similarly, washing the walls in cool aqua shades will be very useful in tropical climates. In terms of the Flying Stars, in the presence of a prosperous Water star 9, painting the walls in blue/green can be useful. Nr.9 is a Fire star and the colours of blue/green represent the Wood element. In the Constructive Cycle of the Five Elements, Wood is the mother of Fire, and so activating this prosperous star will bring further prosperity.

Colour can also alter the feeling of space. Small confined rooms can look and feel larger with the right use of colour and will thereby be brought back in to balance.