Feng Shui Preperations


How to Make your Feng Shui More Efficient


Clutter clearing is one of the most important things to do before one starts Feng Shui or Space Clearing work. Clutter is stuck energy and clearing it will release huge amounts of energy. People living with a lot of clutter often feel stuck in their lives and drained of energy.

It is often difficult to define clutter, especially for those who live with a lot of it. Clutter can be anything and everything that you don’t like and you don’t use anymore. And there are visible and invisible forms of clutter. Pictures and posters covering the whole wall space, too many decorative objects filling all possible surfaces are examples of visible clutter. Clothes that you didn’t even touch for a few years or so, things that you keep “just in case” that are not stored properly, all the unwanted presents tucked away in drawers or cupboards come in the category of invisible clutter.

It is very important to make a distinction between clutter and storage. It is very easy to find an item when you need it if it is properly stored. If the same item is in a clutter heap, you’ll be very lucky if you can find it.

It is a good idea to investigate where clutter tends to collect in your home. This may give you an idea which areas of your life will be effected. For example, clutter in the loft may arrest potential growth. Whereas in the basement it may correspond to a subconscious full of issues that have not been properly dealt with. Clutter in the South-West sector may signal relationship issues. There is no completely safe place for clutter in a living space. Even clutter in rented storage some place else or in a garden shed will have a certain impact on your life.

There are also other types of clutter. Unpaid bills, unanswered e-mails (and letters), unsorted photos. Clearing all these areas will definitely have a therapeutic effect which will create a perfect base for Feng Shui and Space Clearing work.


All damaged items in your house, including broken glass and mirrors, chipped china, furniture with shaky legs, and so forth, will have a draining effect on your energy. These should either be fixed or given away. Squeaky doors should be oiled. Rusty, broken garden gates should be mended and painted, particularly if you want more guests.