Gift Cards


Now you have the chance to give yourLotus Feng Shui, eGift Cards: Give your loved ones the gift that can transform their lives

family and friends the gift that could

transform their lives.

These gift cards are offered globally as consultations on Skype, followed by a report listing all the recommendations and showing their placement on the floor plan precisely.

We will need:
The name and the email address of the person receiving the gift card, the name of the person sending the gift card so that the card can be customised with the first names of both the sender and receiver appearing on the card.

Once the order is received and paid, we will send a list of additional information to the reciver of the gift card such as:

1-Sending us the floor plans and compass readings of the property if possible. Instructions on how to take the compass measurements will be included in this list.

2- We will need the address of the property. This will also allow us to check the immediate surroundings of the property being consulted over Google Earth. Large bodies of water nearby, busy roads, junctions, parks, tall buildings will all have an impact on the Feng Shui of the property. We would also be able to double check your compass readings by using Google Earth or even skip the compass reading requiered all together. This is definetely a good option if taking the compass readings proves to be too complicated.

3- The year the house was built.

4-We would also like to have the birth dates of all the members of the household or key employees and the director if a work place being consulted.

All needed: internet connection and a Skype or Google+ account with a web camera.

Skype consultation will be followed by a report and a floor plan showing our suggested solutions within three days. Questions regarding the Feng Shui report will be answered without extra charges.

Duration of this consultation is about two hours, usually the time it takes consulting a studio flat. Skype sessions typically take about 30 minutes. The rest of the time is spent preparing the report. If you have a larger property, we will focus on the vital areas such as the main entrance door, lounge, master bedroom, home office, director’s office and so on. This approach would still improve the most important  aspects of your Feng Shui as a budget solution. The price for the consultation offered as a gift card is £180.00.

                                           Please email us if you have any questions about the gift cards or if you want them sent by post.