Feng Shui 2013


Updating Your Flying Stars for

Water Snake Year 2013

The influences of the Flying Stars change from year to year. With the arrival of the Snake year on 4th February 2013, while some aspects of our Feng Shui might be due for a boost, some other aspects might suffer. Therefore, at the beginning of each year, these visiting yearly and monthly stars should be examined and the necessary precautions taken for remedying any negative aspects.

Prosperity star 8 is flying into the North-east during the Snake year. If your entrance door in the North-east sector this year, you can look forward to a more prosperous year. If you have good Water stars at the door already, and if the surrounding land forms support it, it’s effect will be doubled. If you are fortunate enough to have this rare combination at your door, you might even encourage it by adding a decorative element or a water feature, to support the good stars.

I will list below all the inauspicious stars in order of importance, their element, location in 2013 and how they can be cured. However this is only general information. For a total evaluation of our Feng Shui we need to take a look at how the yearly stars, and even the monthly visiting stars, interact with our basic Flying Star chart.

One should consider the location of the stars as well when evaluating these changing influences. If a bad star such as Yellow 5 is visiting an area with a vital function such as entrance, living room, bedroom, reception area, or board-room at work, cures will certainly be necessary. If the very same star is to be found in a bath-room, storage area or another seldomly used area, no cure will be required.

5 earth Yellow danger Tai Chi metal/water Wind chimes white/metallic colours
2 earth Sickness South-West metal/water 6-coins white/metallic colours
3 wood Conflict/robbery East fire lamps/red objects red/pink/purple
7 metal Scandal West water/wood bamboo in water black/green/blue


Apart from the traditional cures, each and every item of decoration and accessory having the correct colours and shapes can be integrated into the interior design as remedies and will enhance the curing effect of that particular element. For example, along with an all metal wind-chime for curing Yellow 5, one could also use white curtains, white or black upholstered sofas with dot patterned cushions scattered on them, round/oval shapes in general, statues and ornaments in gold, silver, copper, bronze and white-washed walls, representing the metal and water elements.

Another important measure is to make sure that no objects representing the fire element are present when remedying the earth stars such as Yellow 5 and 2 Sickness. Bright lamps, predominantly red/purple carpets, furniture and other accessories with triangle or zig-zag patterns in fire colours will all symbolise the fire element. The fire element feeding these earth stars will make them even stronger and more dangerous.

The same care should be taken with representations of the earth element when curing the metal stars 6 and 7. In the constructive cycle of the elements, earth supports the metal element. Since metal stars 6 and 7 are negative and dated stars in our present age of 8, encouraging them by support will surely create more adverse affects. Examples of this negative support could be seen as terra-cotta flooring, excessive use of earthenware ornaments, potted plants and earth colours, and check/gingham patterns dominating in interior design.

After curing all the visiting negative stars we need to check the position of Grand Duke Jupiter, also called Tai Sui (tài suì, 太岁), 3 Shars-3 Killings (sān shā, 三煞) and the Clash Position, Sui Po (suì pò, 岁破). 3 Shar directions in 2013 is the string of Wood; Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon.When pinpointing these directions, it will be necessary to use a compass for precision and to mark the exact areas covered by these 15-degree segments on the floor-plan, to be able to see the precise areas of concern.

If you are building a new house or doing large scale renovation work this year, it would be particularly wise to check these directions first. It is said that offending the Grand Duke can create personal problems and offending Sui Po can be just as serious, not so much on a personal level, but effecting more your finances. If you have renovation plans, please check if you have Tai Sui and Sui Po segments disturbed. If so, please apply Feng Shui formulae for choosing a safe date to start (the building work or renovation). This also includes landscaping.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) SE3Snake 142.5-1157.5 Best not facing this direction when sitting. No major renevations inside in this direction. No moving earth (planting included), construction and renovation work. Preferably avoid travelling towards this direction.
3 SHARS (3 killings) ERabbit 82.5-97.5 This is the worst of the 3 Shars. Best not to have this direction behind you.
NE3Tiger 52.5-67.5 Best not to have this direction behind you.
SE1Dragon 112.5-127.5
Clash (Sui Po) NW3Pig 322.5-337.5 Best not to have this direction behind you. Avoid moving earth, construction, renovation.


Alternatively, you could print the diagram above on a transparency and lay it over your floor-plan in order to see the areas of concern. However it is not always easy or practical to take all possible precautions. The important point is to be prepared for these changes and to remedy negative aspects as much as possible. I should also mention again that this list is made in order of importance.


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