Form School


Appreciating & Integrating Form School Feng Shui with Flying Stars

Often times form School is understood as sepearate and independent from Compass school . Actually, it is an indespensable part of good Flying Star Feng Shui, as well. Form School Feng Shui includes everything from positioning of a house in a landscape, be it rural or in the midst of a busy city-scape, to architectural and interior design charecteristics. It’s aim is designing comfortable living spaces with good circulation of Qi. For example, long corridors, sharp corners are all avoided to eliminate harmful Qi.

However, on it’s own, benefits of good Form School practices are somehow limited. To be able to enjoy good Feng Shui, Form school ptactises should always be integrated with good Flying stars. I’d like to illustrate this point with the example of an entrance door, brightly painted in red, two beautifully glazed large pots with flowers blooming on each side of the door, open space in front of the door and perhaps even a beautiful pond in the middle of the open space with fish swimming in it . These are all important factors in form school. Brightly coloured red door, lovely flowers and the pond with fish swimming attracts Qi and a large Ming Tang (Bright Hall=open space in front)gathers the Qi and the beneficial Qi is directed inside the house, bringing not only prosperity, but all good things in life. But, this will all depend on the Flying stars at the door. If this perfect looking entrance area coinsides with a prosporous water star, all that prosperity can be ours. It is the perfect union of Form School requierments taking care of our senses and the presence of good flying stars, taking care of our prosperity. However, the presence of an an inauspicious water star such as Yellow 5, can and will destroy all that good form school Feng Shui. Especially when a bad year star and a month star also enters the sector where the door is, good Feng shui can turn into a nightmare with misfortunes and accidents, everything that can go wrong could go wrong.

I’d like to illustrate further examples below how good form school practices can be integrated with proper use of Flying Stars for the most optimal Feng Shui solutions.


Desk Placement In a Small Office

example of incorrect office layout

Figure 1, Office layout

As illustrated in figure 1, this standart office lay-out representing bad form school practice could be analysed in this way:
The desk placement:
1-it is floating.
2-there is no support at the back.
3-Directly facing the door.
Because of these short comings, the person sitting at this desk might feel unsupported by his employees or collegues. He might find them unfriendly, even threatenning. On the other hand, the others coming into his office might find him too intimidating.




Corrected floor-plan for an office

Figure 2, corrected office layout

With the new desk arrangement shown in figure 2, all these short comings are corrected with added bonus of more optimal Qi flow.

With the new desk arrangement in the very same room;

1-A strategicly placed object (red) in front of the window softens the arrow Qi, directly coming from the door leads it gently towards the desk.
2-The person sitting in the desk is supported by a solid wall behind.
3-Rounded corners of desk, in such a small confined space will create more comfort and ease.

In case this is a CEO’s office, desk placed at a good mountain star and facing a prosperous water star will make a perfect examle of good Feng Shui at work.



A Child’s Room

incorrect form school feng shui

Figure 3

In children’s rooms, placement of the bed and the desk are equally important. To make sure our children are happy, healthy and successful at school, it is very important to provide them with the most optimal Feng Shui solutions. In figure 3, an unfortunate bed and desk placement is shown.

What is wrong with this lay-out then?
1- The child sleeping in this bed is exposed to arrow Chi, endangering his health and well-being.
2- Sharp corners of the desk and the cupboard again creating harmful chi attacking the child.





With the new arrangment, shown in figure 4, both these short comings are remedied.

correct form school layout

Figure 4, corrected layout

1- Tall book-shelf, placed at the foot end of the bed, sheltering the child from arrow Chi and redirecting it gently first to the left and into the room. Knife Chi became beneficial Chi, just by this strategical placement of a single piece of furniture.

2- Rounded corners of the desk softens the Chi, making it more friendly.

3- Round object, for example an storage basket, improving the flow of Chi and making it more pleasant.

In children’s rooms, it is best to place the bed at a good Mountain star as well. All active gadgets, TV, PC and game stations are best with a good Water Star preferably. Cures can be used if this is not possible that can help sometimes.

Children, particularly teenagers spend a lot of time in their rooms. Their rooms are generally more active than a normal bedroom. Therefore, not only Mountain Stars but Water Stars are active as well and they should be addressed. Bad Water Stars should be cured if it is not possible to utilise the prosperous ones.