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Feb 082016

Happy New Year of Fire Monkey


                                                      Chinese Lunar year is beginning today, the solar year started already on February 4.

                                                                                         I wish you all my readers a wonderful New Year.    stampweb  




Dec 132013

Difficult neighbours, how to deal with them the Feng Shui way.

How Difficult Neighbours can be Handled, the Feng Shui Way

This is one of the questions that I am regularly asked. While there are things one could do to improve the relationships with our neighbours, hanging bagua mirrors on our doors facing them is not the one. On the contrary, this could make the situation much worse. In the East, it is considered downright offensive and in the West it often times causes confusion and suspicion of black magic at the least. The best thing you can hang on your door – if you must hang something – facing their doors would possibly be a figure of a white dove carrying an olive branch. As I mentioned before, our subconscious communicates through symbols and what can be a more peace bringing symbol than a white dove. Of course, you might find other symbols suggesting peace and harmony.

If you are living in a gated property with difficult neighbours, unfortunately there are no magic cures that will work permanently that I would recommend. It would always be helpful though if you are sleeping at a good mountain star as this would ensure harmonious relationships in general. If you are in speaking terms, you could try to communicate with them when you are not angry and upset. Explaining what is bothering you, listen to their side of the story and try to find the middle ground may not be easy, but it is definitely worth trying.

Please remember, this is the Humanity Aspect that constitutes a third portion of your overall Feng Shui. And actually the most vital part, regarding relationships. We cannot expect pleasant neighbours while we are harbouring negative feelings towards them.

The other two being Heaven aspect and Earth aspect. Heaven aspect represents the time dimension. That means your troubles with your neighbours can be changed, they can not last forever. Centre of your house being the reference point, see which locations your neighbours are in. You could see if you can improve the Qi quality by using various remedies for water stars, annual and even monthly stars in these areas. Use date selection for finding good days to communicate with them.

One could also activate auspicious stars in the garden as to improve the Earth aspect of Feng Shui. Or you could plant lovely perfumed flowers and bushes facing your neighbours that would generate lots of auspicious Qi. Let’s not underestimate the flower power. When all the three aspects of Heaven-Earth-Man work in synergy, the result would be improved relationships with your neighbours. After all good neighbours are very important. There is even a saying in Turkish “you are not buying a home, but buying neighbours”.stampweb

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Dec 102013
4 Pillars Chart for Mustafa Balbay

4 Pillars Chart for Mustafa Balbay

Mustafa Balbay born August 8, 1960, is a journalist, writer and Turkish MP. Balbay was arrested on March 5, 2009, convicted of plotting a coup against the government. Based on a recent ruling of the Constitutional Court, he was sentenced to 34 years in prison in August this year. Despite being imprisoned, Mustafa Balbay was elected a parliamentary deputy on the Republican People’s Party (CHP) in the June 2011 election. Yesterday, an Istanbul court decided to release Mustafa Balbay and he was free finally after four years and nine months of imprisonment.

I thought it would be interesting to check his BaZi (4 Pillars) if the events of the last five years of his life would be marked in his chart. Interesting enough, the duration of his almost five years of imprisonment corresponds exactly with his five year luck cycle of yin Earth, starting at age 50 and ending at age 54.

Mustafa Balbay is Fai Kong as his day master yang Earth is sitting on Dragon. Being Fai Kong always indicates a tough and resilient personality and that seems to be the case with Balbay.

The second point that strikes me in his chart is the strong water formation of Dragon, Monkey and Rat and this trio of strong water is supporting his only power element yang Wood in the month stem. Actually,  this yang Wood is a very important element as it is the key that gives this chart direction and purpose by providing expression to the strong water formation underneath. Without this yang Wood, trio of Water would be aimless and more of a problem than an asset. Even though we do not have the hour pillar and probably not all of my BaZi friends would agree, this chart looks like “Follow the Power” rather than “Follow the Money” to me. He was in yin Earth luck cycle at the age of 50 (I only use inclusive counting for BaZi) in March 2009 when he was arrested. In this 5 year cycle, yin Earth combines and takes away yang Wood. Triple combination of strong Water, now becomes more like a source of trouble. Moreover, the elements of the year 2009 is yin Wood over Ox, same as his Luck cycle, doubling up the effect. This formation is called “Fu Yin” or simply duplicate when the year and the luck cycle is repeated.

Now let’s look at the next four years and see how these years influence the chart.

2010: yang Metal Tiger. Even though yang Wood hidden stem in Tiger is favourable, as it clashes Monkey in the month branch, his carrier is effected negativly. For a yang Earth person, Metal element in Monkey represents expression and freedom as well. Monkey activated through the clash and destroying the favourable yang Wood costed him his freedom with  no hope of release from prison.

2011: yin Metal Rabbit. Strong presence of Wood element in Rabbit helps Balbay winning the elections and becoming an MP, still imprisoned though.  As Rabbit forms a penalty relationship with his year branch Rat, effecting directly his social circle, he remains imprisoned.

2012: yang Water Dragon. These are not Balbay’s useful elements either in this luck cycle and Dragon forms yet another penalty with his day branch, probably effecting his home front and perhaps some health issues. It is a known fact that his children went through terrible ordeals about this time.

2013: yin Water Snake. After August Balbay is 54 years old and the effect of yin Earth cycle is waring out, the beginning of the new five year cycle, Ox, one of Balbay’s Nobleman stars is making its presence felt. Strong water of Rat month (December, the month he was released) also helps bringing back the yang Wood stem. I think his release from prison is directly to do with yang Wood being released. Combining effect of Snake and Monkey, also helps to bring back yang Wood as Monkey carries the wood stem, Balbay’s power and status.  Snake and Monkey combination will also bring a change in his carrier as he will be free to perform his duties as an MP. I am sure he will be very active in politics in future.stampweb

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Aug 292013
Feng Shui and Fertility. Chinese symbols of frtility; reed pipe, lotus and lotus pods.

The instrument reed pipe is a homophone for birth in Chinese; lotus is homophonic to succession and the seed pots of lotus is a symbol of having many sons (children).

How Fertility can be Improved with Feng Shui Methods

The question about Feng Shui and fertility comes up quite often. I believe fertility can be improved by using Feng Shui principles when they are applied correctly. When we think about Feng Shui, it is usually this Earth Luck aspect that involves correct placement of the bed inside the bedroom, choosing the right bedroom, living room and so on. This can be an important step and many errors such as poison arrows attacking the bed can be eliminated by applying form school and Flying Star systems. However, Heaven and Human luck aspects need to be addressed as well for a complete evaluation. We will start here with Earth luck since this is the part that is often times covered by the term Feng Shui.

Earth Aspect:

The couple should sleep at a prosperous mountain star, such as 8, 9 or 1. Preferably, the mountain star should have support from the environment, for example a tall building or an actual hill behind. The bed is best placed at a commending position, not under a beam(s), a window, not near the main entrance door or in short the good Form School practices. The last but not the least important point is securing the bed from poison arrows. These can be created by bedside tables or other furniture near the bed with sharp corners and edges. Arrow or knife qi is often times to blame when miscarriages occur.

Heaven Aspect:

The lady’s astrological chart carries more weight here than the man’s. In 4 Pillar’s of Destiny (BaZi), it is rather easy to spot problems when conception is difficult. Even though we cannot change our Heaven Luck, unlike Earth and Man Luck, it is still useful to know which elemental imbalance is causing the problem and sometimes it can be improved. The time aspect is very important here. When luck pillars form a penalty with the hour pillar, conception can be difficult. There is a solution to this problem. It may not eliminate it entirely, but it may help. Good years, months, days and even hours can be selected that can make conception more likely to take place. Similarly when the elements of water and fire – in the lady’s chart that point to the hormonal system – again the conception can be difficult. The elements of the year and the months that correct this likely imbalance can be chosen by date selection. Good months and years can be selected that offers higher chances of pregnancy. With IVF treatments, a good BaZi consultant will be able to choose the timing when conception is most likely to happen. Of course no Feng Shui and Destiny consultant can make such a promise. But, sometimes miracles happen. I can only say it may help.

Human Aspect:

Choosing a good doctor specialized in fertility is a must when there are problems with conception. Acupuncture – if one is lucky enough to find a good one – can be very useful for balancing fire and water elements that makes conception easier. Of course a healthy diet is important, too. Above all, one needs to be relaxed.  Yoga, tai-qi, qi-gong can all help to achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Tensions and over-fixation should be watched and not indulged in. I am sure many has heard about couples getting pregnant just after adopting a baby.

I have also seen quite a few ladies getting pregnant and having healthy babies with fertility treatments that seem almost impossible to conceive from their BaZi (4 Pillars of Destiny). So, it is definitely worth trying.

If you have questions about your fertility, please contact Lotus Feng Shui with photos of your bedroom and your birth data. This mini consultation can be done either on line or by email and charged as shown in “workshops” section with 30 minutes or 45 minutes fees.stampweb




Jul 042013



I think it is rather easy to see that 2013 would be a problematic year for the Turkish PM Mr. Erdoğan. He is born on 29 February 1954 at an auspicious hour.

  Hr.     Day      Month    Year

    ? —–  癸—   丙—-   甲

    ? —-  丑—-   寅—-   午

Current Luck :  壬申 (water/ Monkey)

Next Luck ( 62-71): 癸酉 (water/Rooster)

Metal is his best element since Mr. Erdoğan is weak water and he seems to be in a good luck pillar of water/Monkey. However Monkey is in clash with his month branch Tiger and activates his worst element, wood. This could explain somehow his increasingly aggressive speech pattern in recent years.

In 2013, Snake forms a fire penalty with the month branch Tiger and Monkey of the luck pillar. Resultant fire element effects Erdoğan’s power and as fire is a negative element, it is clear to see that he would be in trouble. Fire penalty will be worst during the summer months, but this may continue all through the Snake year.

It looks like his problems might not end in 2014, year of wood/ Horse, when he’ll have to face another pair of difficult elements. PM will be offending Tai Sui and will have a Horse penalty. However, if he manages to get through the next few years, his next luck pillar looks much better. So, there is still a chance that he could be the next president.


Aug 302012


Bassar al-Assad, dob: 11 September 1965.

  Hr.      Day        Month        Year

?           戊             乙                 乙

……+earth    -wood        -wood

?         辰               酉                 巳

……Dragon    Rooster       Snake

Current Luck Pillar, 41-50: 庚辰 (metal Dragon)

Even though he is in Dragon penalty since he is 41, his problems didn’t start before March 2011. This is the date given in Wikipedia as the start of Syrian civil war. On this date, both the month and the year (辛 卯) are in total clash with his month pillar. However, he has another power element, 乙 sitting on the year stem. And 庚 stem of his luck combines this one away as well.

He is proving to be much tougher than everybody else thought. His Fai Kong personality has something to do with it I assume. I am actually trying to see how long can he last or will he last. His current luck pillar is Fai Kong as well.

In 2012, he has 3 Dragons in penalty. But as a weak earth person Dragon is his good element and what makes him Fai Kong and yang water stem supports his power. Maybe 2012 is not an entirely bad year for him, despite the penalty. Summer months were difficult, fire aggravating the penalty. July-未 was a nobleman. August should be good for him as 申 is another nobleman. October could be turbulent, but he could come out stronger through this clash. In November and December, strong winter water will support his power element. 辛 stem might cause problems in November though. January-丑 is yet another nobleman. It looks like he might make it.

Next year looks much better for him. His power will still have support from -water stem. As a weak earth person, he’ll also benefit from 巳, his resource element. The big question is: if the elements are strong enough to keep him as  the president still.