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Ayşe Nilgün Kaya is a Feng Shui consultant and author of Lotus Feng Shui. Ayse was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and studied fine arts and interior design. She worked professionally as an interior design consultant in the textile industry over a decade, during which time, in the late 1980s, she first became aware of Feng Shui. After reading most of the books available on the subject in the English language, she began looking for a good Feng Shui teacher. From 1994 onwards, Ayse studied with western teachers on the subject of Intuitive Feng Shui, somewhat similar to the Black Hat school, widely practised in U.S.

Ayse completed an intensive training program with Denise Linn in 1999, on Instinctive Feng Shui and Interior Allignment that gave her a greater understanding and appreciation of the intuitive approaches to Feng Shui and Space Clearing techniques; these are incorporated in her Feng Shui practice to this day.

At around this time, she also studied 9 Star Ki Astrology with eminent teachers in the west, such as Robert Sacks and Jon Sandifer, together with some classical Feng Shui and Flying stars.

After meeting Grand Master Lo in London in 2000, Ayse’s Feng Shui practice gained a new dimension. With the new knowledge and application of the Flying Stars, it became clear that it was possible to gain concrete results by using the Flying Star formulas.

Ayse completed the IFSA (Internatinal Feng Shui Association) approved Diploma Program with Grand Master Lo. Ayse’s training includes the “Four Pillars of Destiny” – a form of Chinese Astrology – and I Ching divination, a particularly favourite subject. She joined GM Lo’s Advanced Practitioners Seminar in Singapore in 2009. Her studies with this Master and on the subject of Chinese metaphysics are an ongoing process.