Feng Shui and Fertility

Chinese symbols of frtility; reed pipe, lotus and lotus pods.

The instrument reed pipe is a homophone for birth in Chinese; lotus is homophonic to succession and the seed pods of lotus is a symbol of having many sons (children).

Fertility Improved by Using Feng Shui Methods

The question about Feng Shui and fertility comes up quite often. I believe fertility can be improved by using Feng Shui principles when they are applied correctly. When we think about Feng Shui, it is usually thisEarth Luck aspect that involves correct placement of the bed inside the bedroom, choosing the right bedroom, living room and so on. This can be an important step and many errors such as poison arrows attacking the bed can be eliminated by applying form school and Flying Star systems. However, Heaven and Human luck aspects need to be addressed as well for a complete evaluation. We will start here with Earth luck since this is the part that is often times covered by the term Feng Shui.

Earth Aspect:

The couple should sleep at a prosperous mountain star, such as 8, 9 or 1. Preferably, the mountain star should have support from the environment, for example a tall building or an actual hill behind. The bed is best placed at a commending position, not under a beam(s), a window, not near the main entrance door or in short the good Form School practices. The last but not the least important point is securing the bed from poison arrows. These can be created by bedside tables or other furniture near the bed with sharp corners and edges. Arrow or knife qi is often times to blame when miscarriages occur.

Heaven Aspect:

The lady’s astrological chart carries more weight here than the man’s. In 4 Pillar’s of Destiny (BaZi), it is rather easy to spot problems when conception is difficult. Even though we cannot change our Heaven Luck, unlike Earth and Man Luck, it is still useful to know which elemental imbalance is causing the problem and sometimes it can be improved. The time aspect is very important here. When luck pillars form a penalty with the hour pillar, conception can be difficult. There is a solution to this problem. It may not eliminate it entirely, but it may help. Good years, months, days and even hours can be selected that can make conception more likely to take place. Similarly when the elements of water and fire are out of balance – in the lady’s chart that point to the hormonal system – again the conception can be difficult. The elements of the year and the months that correct this likely imbalance can be chosen by date selection. Good months and years can be selected that offers higher chances of pregnancy. With IVF treatments, a good BaZi consultant will be able to choose the timing when conception is most likely to happen. Of course no Feng Shui and Destiny consultant can make such a promise. Sometimes miracles happen and  I can only say you haven’t got much to lose to try.

Human Aspect:

Choosing a good doctor specialized in fertility is a must when there are problems with conception. Acupuncture – if one is lucky enough to find a good one – can be very useful for balancing fire and water elements that makes the conception easier. Of course a healthy diet is important, too. Above all, one needs to be relaxed.  Yoga, tai-qi, qi-gong can all help to achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Tensions and over-fixation should be watched and not indulged in. I am sure many has heard about couples getting pregnant just after adopting a baby.

I have also seen quite a few ladies getting pregnant and having healthy babies with fertility treatments that seem almost impossible to conceive from their BaZi (4 Pillars of Destiny). So, it is definitely worth trying.

If you have questions about your fertility, please contact Lotus Feng Shui with photos of your bedroom and your birth data. This mini consultation can be done either on line or by email and charged as shown in “workshops” section as 30 minutes or 45 minutes fees.



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